Hanseatic’s name was inspired by a league created to protect the economic interests of cities and countries along key trade routes more than seven centuries ago.

Today, we strive to maximize your investment potential while also protecting your assets through actively managing your risk while in the market.

Our Story

For 25 years, we offered investment management to some of the largest pension plans in the United States. Those plans rigorously reviewed our investment process, our operational process, our adherence to their guidelines, and our compliance with the regulatory rules. They demanded good investment returns with low fees for their pensioners who were teachers, janitors, carmakers, and government employees. We felt privileged to help those pensioners, but ultimately, we wanted to help more people.

We wanted individual investors to have access to the same quality of products and services as the large pensions, and to pay affordable fees that did not erode the growth of their nest eggs over time. Our firm, with our highly efficient investment process, was in a great position to be a solution.

Today, we primarily offer investment management to individuals either directly or through platform delivery. We continue to study the market, review our investment philosophy and process, and enhance our product offerings to fit the needs of our clients.

Our Difference


No one can predict the markets so forecasting is a futile endeavor. Our process adapts to the leadership in the market as well as the risk exposure. We offer dynamic strategies that adjust to changing market conditions.


Human emotion is not good for making sound investment decisions. Our process is highly disciplined and seeks to remove as much human bias/emotion as possible.


Ask any financial advisor for their investment performance track record. You may get an answer or you may get that “deer in the headlights” look. Our track record is readily available for your review.

Our Team

Brian Stangel

Chief Executive Officer
Oversees all investment processes and management strategy.

Amy Stangel, CFP®

Amy joined Hanseatic in 2012, and manages financial planning, as well as accounting and operations, compliance, and back office.

Russell Sanderson

Chief Information Officer
With a 34 year track record in asset management, Russ oversees day-to-day business operations and is a member of the portfolio team.

Ed Meihaus

The Architect of our investment framework.

Who We Help

We believe the best working relationships develop from understood and shared values. Our Typical Clients Are:

We work with all kinds of people in all kinds of industries, but all of our clients place great value on their time and energy so they smartly delegate the management of their investments.

We work with hard-working individuals who value living within their means, saving for the future, and who see money as an instrument for a life well-lived, not as life itself.

We work with genuinely nice, well-intentioned people. We each know we are not perfect, but we strive to be our best and to make a difference in other people’s lives.

We primarily work with individuals investing for retirement – they are looking to grow their assets to reach their goals. They may be traditionally-minded and want to fully retire at or before 65, or they may be more innovative in their thinking and want to fund several retirement cycles.

However, we are working more and more with individuals investing while in retirement – for the preservation of their assets and for the preservation of their purchasing power. Sound Like You?