Products background

Our Equity Product Suite

Hanseatic’s products or investment composites include the following:

Large Cap

  • Designed to outperform Russell 1000 Growth and S&P 500 Total Return Indices

All Cap Growth

  • Designed to outperform Russell 3000 Growth Index

All Cap Growth Concentrated

  • Concentrated portfolio (~20 stocks) designed to outperform Russell Growth 3000 Index

Mid Cap

  • Designed to outperform Russell Midcap Growth Index


  • Designed to outperform Russell 2500 Growth Index

Small Cap

  • Designed to outperform Russell 2000 Growth Index

Developed Markets

  • Designed to outperform MSCI EAFE Index


  • Designed to outperform MSCI ACWI ex U.S. Index


  • Designed to outperform MSCI AC Americas Index

Latin America

  • Designed to outperform Russell Latin America Index

Growth & Income

  • Designed to perform similar to S&P 500 Total Return Index

Tax Efficient - Under Development

  • Designed to have a longer holding period and lower turnover


Hanseatic’s investment approach is applicable and repeatable across market conditions, sectors and geographies, allowing the team to efficiently and effectively construct and manage a mix of long-only equity products.